Home Buying Tips for 2019: We've Got Hundreds of Them!

Do you plan to buy a home in 2019? Do you have questions about the buying process, mortgage loans, or the current state of the real estate market? You're in the right place. HBI offers a wealth of home buying tips for 2019, written by knowledgeable experts. Our website is a valuable resource for anyone planning to buy a house in 2019.

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There's a lot of content on this site. So where do you begin? Here are some home buying tips for 2019 that you might want to start with. These articles were hand-picked by our editor because they provide a good overview of the buying process in 2019:

5 Things to Do Before Buying Your First Home
Buying a home is a huge investment. So it's important to get started on the right foot. Here are some things you should do -- and know -- before taking the big plunge.

Qualifying for Your First Mortgage Loan
First-time home buyers tend to have a lot of questions about qualifying for a mortgage loan. This article explains five of the most important requirements loan applicants encounter.

Making Offers on More Than One Property
It might be legal for a home buyer to make offers on multiple properties, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea. You risk losing your earnest money in this kind of scenario.

How Long Does Mortgage Underwriting Take?
After you apply for a home loan, your file will move on to the underwriting stage. This process can take anywhere from a few days up to several weeks, depending on these variables.

How Much Can I Afford With an FHA Loan?
The FHA loan program is very popular among home buyers. But there are some spending limits you need to know about. Loan limits and debt-to-income ratios are two examples.

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We have been publishing home buying tips and tutorials for first-time buyers since 2005. HBI began as an email newsletter service, before launching this website in 2005. That's more than a decade of offering tips on buying a first home! Where has the time gone?

Today, HBI is one of the most frequently visited, and widely cited, websites catering to home buyers and mortgage shoppers. We have received literally thousands of questions over the years (if only we had the staff to answer them all). As a result, we know what questions you have, as a first-time home buyer. Our website is designed to answer those questions in a clear and helpful manner. Here's to another ten years of helping buyers.

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