We Can Help You Become the Most Visible Real Estate Agent in Your Local Market

We want you to be the most highly visible real estate agent in your local market. And we’ve built a content marketing strategy to help make it happen.

Here are five things you should know right off the bat:

  1. It’s an exclusive “club” with only one agent per metro area.
  2. It includes everything from blogging to SEO to public relations.
  3. It’s based on our 17 years of real estate marketing expertise.
  4. It will help you bring more buyers and sellers to your website.
  5. You won’t find this level of service anywhere else.

A Real Estate Content Marketing Package

The Home Buying Institute (HBI) has been educating home buyers in the U.S. for nearly two decades. In that time, we’ve learned how to attract home buyers and sellers by publishing high-quality content.

We now offer this as a service to select real estate agents.

This service gives you everything you need to boost your website traffic and get more clients. It combines blog content, SEO, public relations (PR), social media, and 17 years of expertise.

Here’s what you get through the Market Expert program:

  • One premium blog post per week for traffic growth *
  • Social media content related to the weekly blog post
  • One press release per month sent to local media
  • Ongoing SEO guidance and website suggestions
  • Ongoing email support for your marketing questions
  • A prominent listing on your city’s market page (see below)
  • Open access to America’s #1 real estate blogging expert

* We deliver in-depth blog posts with journalistic quality. This helps you outshine your competitors, when it comes to providing local market news and information.

Bonus: Permanent Listing on Your City / Metro Page

In addition to providing hundreds of articles and tutorials for home buyers, the HBI website also provides real estate market reports for major metro areas across the U.S.

Example: market overview page for Phoenix, Arizona

As part of the Market Expert package, you’ll be featured as the official real estate market expert for your city or metro page. You’ll be the only agent shown on that page, for as long as you remain a client. Listings include headshot photo, name, and contact info.

Example of a featured agent banner

Our “metro market” pages are viewed by hundreds of home buyers and homeowners every week. So it gives you an opportunity for additional (and significant) exposure.

Have questions? If you’d like more information on the HBI Market Expert program, or how it can benefit you, please send an email to editor@homebuyinginstitute.com.