Mortgage Content Marketing Services

HBI offers mortgage content marketing services for mortgage brokers and companies who want to take their web presence to the next level.

This service combines multiple content marketing strategies to help you (A) increase website visibility, (B) boost search engine rankings, and (C) bring more borrowers to your website.

Mortgage Content Marketing Services

Our mortgage content marketing service combines blogging, SEO, PR and consulting—all rolled into one. For one monthly fee, you’ll receive everything you need to support your mortgage content marketing efforts.

Content marketing overview

What it is: A combination of high-quality blog content, monthly press releases, website assessments for SEO, ongoing consultations and guidance, and more.

What it does: Helps you increase your website traffic, improve search engine performance, demonstrate your expertise, and bring more home buyers and borrowers to your website.

Who it’s for: Mortgage professionals who want to expand their web presence and generate their own home loan inquiries, instead of always relying on third-party leads.

What You Get From This Service

There are companies that provide PR support for mortgage professionals … and companies that offer SEO services … and companies that create blog content. But ours is the only mortgage content marketing service that offers all of these things and more for one monthly price.

Here’s what you’ll receive through this service:

  1. One premium blog post per week to boost traffic
  2. Social media posts to promote to your new content
  3. One press release per month sent to local media
  4. Email scripts you can send to your network
  5. Weekly email support for marketing questions
  6. Monthly consultation calls for guidance and help
  7. Ongoing website assessments and suggestions
  8. Access to America’s #1 mortgage marketing expert

1. One high-quality blog post per week

Each week, you’ll receive one “mega” blog post to help increase your website traffic over time. Each post will be 1,500 words or longer, heavily researched, well written, and optimized for search engine visibility. Some include eye-catching infographics as well. All content is written by Brandon Cornett, a 17-year veteran of mortgage content marketing.

View a sample “mega” blog post

2. Weekly social media posts

Are you active on social media? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that we also deliver social media posts to complement the weekly blog posts mentioned above. When you receive your weekly blog posts, you’ll also receive a few social media posts to help you promote it.

View sample social media posts

3. One press release per month sent to local media

This feature sets our mortgage content marketing services apart from others. Once per month, we will create a professional press release to promote one of your featured market reports and send it to local media outlets. You can also share them on your end, if you like.

View a sample press release

4. Link-building emails you can send to your network

Acquiring links from other websites to yours is one of the best ways to boost search engine rankings over time. Search engines view these “backlinks” as a vote of confidence. Each month, we will send you an email script you can use to promote your best content to your professional network (like real estate agents). It’s a great way to earn new links over time, legitimately.

View a sample link-building email

5. Weekly email support for your marketing questions

Have questions about mortgage marketing but don’t know who to ask? Need some straight advice or guidance? We’re here for you. This package also entitles you to one email consultation per week, on any aspect of mortgage marketing online.

(Note: This refers to emails where you are seeking additional guidance beyond the scope of our content marketing package. You can email anytime with service-related questions.)

6. Monthly consultation calls for additional guidance

When it comes to marketing guidance, sometimes emailing just isn’t enough. We get that. So we’ve also included one monthly consultation phone call (up to 90 minutes) for any additional marketing guidance or insight you might need. Additional calls are available for a fee.

7. Ongoing website assessment and recommendations

Search engine optimization is a big part of our mortgage content marketing service. In addition to the highly optimized content you receive each week, we will also review your website and provide occasional guidance to help you improve your search engine visibility.

8. Access to America’s #1 mortgage marketing expert

Through your email and phone consultations, you’ll gain insights from one of America’s leading mortgage marketing experts. Brandon Cornett has been helping mortgage professionals grow their businesses for nearly 20 years. See the full bio below for details.

Meet Your Consultant: Brandon Cornett

Brandon Cornett is a full-time real estate publisher, marketing consultant, and creator of the Home Buying Institute. He has 17 years of experience with blogging, search engine optimization, and website content strategies.

Brandon Cornett headshot

Brandon’s background, experience and accomplishments:

  • Created the Home Buying Institute, an educational website for home buyers that has attracted more than 13 million visitors since 2006
  • Provided SEO, content management, and blogging services to dozens of real estate and mortgage-industry clients, significantly improving traffic and lead generation
  • Worked with clients large and small, ranging from individual mortgage brokers and loan officers to major companies like SoFi
  • Wrote an 85-page SEO handbook for real estate professionals that covers all aspects of search engine optimization in an accessible way
  • Created and hosted a sold-out SEO training seminar in Austin, Texas in 2007, with attendees from some of the area’s top real estate companies
  • Led an advertising team at (now QuantumDigital), a direct marketing company that caters to real estate and mortgage professionals
  • Wrote hundreds of widely cited real estate news stories over a 15-year span
  • Former naval officer and graduate of the Virginia Military Institute

The bottom line: When you sign up for our mortgage content marketing services, you’ll receive insights, guidance and support from one of America’s most experienced marketing experts. You’re in good hands!