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Weekly Reports on the U.S. Housing Market

Housing Weekly is a premium weekly newsletter that provides reports and analysis relating to the U.S. real estate market. We track all of the things you need to know about, including home prices, sales trends, supply and demand, migratory patterns, and much more.

Housing Weekly will keep you up to speed on current real estate trends, giving you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Best of all, you don’t have to do anything other than subscribing. We do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Exclusive Insights From a Top Analyst

Housing Weekly delivers useful and valuable information you won’t find anywhere else. Like other news sources, we curate data and reports from third-party sources. But we also provide our own in-house analysis, to help you make sense of all those data and trends.

We’ll tell you what’s happening within the U.S. real estate market right now. But we also explain how those current trends might affect the market three, six, or twelve months from now.

Cost and Logistical Details

Housing Weekly is a weekly newsletter. So you’ll either receive four or five issues per month, depending on how many Tuesdays there are in that month.

  • A standard subscription costs $7 per month or $70 annually (best value).
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5 Good Reasons to Subscribe

  1. Advantage: Whether you’re a real estate agent, mortgage professional or investor, you need timely and accurate information to succeed. It helps you score wins and avoid costly mistakes. Housing Weekly delivers actionable insights to help you stay ahead.
  2. Insight: Each week, you’ll receive in-depth coverage on all aspects of the real estate market, nationwide and also within major metros. We cover all of the topics you need to know about, including home prices, supply and demand, inventory, and more.
  3. Clarity: The U.S. real estate market is complex and often confusing. Conditions change constantly, and the reasons aren’t always clear. We’ll break it down for you, giving you a clearer picture of what’s happening in the market and how it affects you.
  4. Exclusivity: As a subscriber, you’ll gain access to exclusive content not available to non-subscribers. This includes in-depth market analysis from Brandon Cornett, a real estate analyst and reporter with 17 years of experience and countless citations.
  5. Convenience: Tired of spending hours on real estate research? Housing Weekly is your solution. You’ll receive all of the news you need (and nothing you don’t need) delivered to your inbox every week. It’s the no-hassle way to keep up with housing trends.

About the Author

Brandon Cornett has been on the forefront of real estate market reporting for more than 17 years. He is the creator of the Home Buying Institute and several other housing-related websites.

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His reports have been cited by PBS, The San Francisco Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, and thousands of other publishers.

As a real estate market analyst, Brandon closely monitors real estate trends across the U.S. and within major cities and metro areas. He has accurately predicted many housing-related developments, including the supply shortage that continues to this day.

Through Housing Weekly, Brandon will serve as your personal guide, explaining the latest developments and what they might mean for the future.

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