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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive.

Can I republish your articles on my website or social media?

Unfortunately, no. All of the articles published on this website are copyrighted, and we reserve all rights to them. You’re free to quote a small portion of an article, like a paragraph. But republishing our articles in their entirety is prohibited. (See: fair use)

Do you accept guest posts / guest articles?

No, the Home Buying Institute creates all of its own content and does not accept contributions from third parties. This helps us to remain unbiased, which is important to our readers. Please do not send unsolicited emails about guest posts or other contributions.

Can you help me with a real estate issue I'm having?

We are unable to offer advice or guidance on individual real estate transactions, mortgage loans, and the like. As a publisher, we provide educational materials intended for a general audience. We are not lawyers, real estate agents, or mortgage professionals, so we cannot assist in those areas.

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