Brandon Cornett: Real Estate Analyst

Brandon Cornett has been covering the U.S. real estate market for nearly 20 years. He created the Home Buying Institute (HBI), an informational website for home buyers that educates and enlightens thousands of visitors weekly.

Brandon Cornett headshot

He currently serves as the lead content creator and editor for HBI.

Brandon is one of the most widely published housing bloggers in the U.S., cited by the San Francisco Chronicle, Huffington Post, PBS and many more.

As a freelance financial reporter, Brandon has produced both bylined and ghost-written articles for dozens of clients, ranging from financial associations to fintech companies like SoFi.

Brandon has a knack for “connecting the dots” between real estate data and trends, to help readers make sense of current housing market conditions.

He also publishes the MetroDepth website, which offers detailed housing market reports for major metro areas across the United States.