The 2024 First-Time Home Buyer Guide

Our 2024 first-time home buyer guide delivers current, accurate, and helpful information from a trusted source. So you should download a copy today.

Download our first-time home buyer handbook today

As a first-time home buyer, you need access to objective, reliable, and timely information covering all stages of the home buying process. And you’ll find it in this handbook!

Get the 2024 First-Time Home Buyer Guide

The Home Buying Institute has been educating first-time buyers in the United States since 2006. We’ve become known as a trusted name in consumer education, with a reputation for providing unbiased and accurate information.

Now, we are proud to offer the 2024 First-Time Home Buyer Handbook. Download this 65-page e-book today to increase your chances of success when buying your first house.

Here is some of what you’ll learn from this guide:

  • How to create a home buying budget to avoid financial strain
  • How to research your local real estate market before entering it
  • How to choose the right type of mortgage loan for your situation
  • How to find a home (even in a tight market with low inventory)
  • How to research real estate agents before signing an agreement
  • How to make a strong offer on a home to compete with other buyers
  • How to navigate the mortgage underwriting process to close on time

The home buying and mortgage process can be both complicated and lengthy. As a result, first-time buyers often end up confused, frustrated, and unsuccessful. This guide gives you the knowledge you need to avoid this fate.

Our 2024 first-time home buyer guide breaks the process down into a series of 10 steps. It starts with budgeting and market research, and ends with the final closing process (when you actually get your keys).

The Most Current and Accurate Buyer’s Guide

Home buying procedures can change over time, due to new laws and requirements, new technologies, and ever-evolving market conditions.

The trouble is, the traditional publishing process takes a long time. Paperback and hardback home buying guides are often outdated by the time they reach bookstores and

(Example: Many traditionally published first-time buyer guides talk about real estate agents splitting a 6% commission. But a recent lawsuit involving the National Association of Realtors is changing this practice.)

Traditionally published home buying guides simply cannot keep up with a rapidly changing real estate scene. So they often (inadvertently) contain outdated or erroneous information.

The 2024 First-Time Home Buyer Handbook is available in PDF format. We update the guide every four months, to deliver the latest real estate market trends and the most accurate home buying information available.

5 Reasons to Download a Copy Today

Buying a home is serious business, especially when you consider that the median home price in many U.S. cities is currently north of $400,000.

Because of this, you need access to reliable information prior to purchasing a home. And that’s what our 2024 first-time home buyer guide delivers.

Here are five more reasons to download a copy:

1. It was created by people who understand first-time buyers.

We’ve been helping first-time buyers succeed since 2006. In that time, we have received countless questions on a wide range of topics.

This experience gives us unique insight into the questions and challenges first-time home buyers have. We used that knowledge to make this guide more useful.

2. It provides 100% unbiased and objective information.

Here’s something that might surprise you.

Many of the “educational” websites geared toward home buyers are owned by real estate or mortgage companies that profit from home sales or mortgage origination. This makes them a biased source of information.

HBI is different. Our business model is built around providing truthful, accurate, and objective information to first-time home buyers like you.

We make money not by persuading you to buy a home, but by providing high-quality ebooks and other resources.

Check us out online. You’ll find thousands of citations and mentions relating to the Home Buying Institute, nearly all of it positive.

3. It covers everything you need to know.

At 65 pages, this is a slim and accessible reference guide. But it’s also jam-packed with the information first-time home buyers need to know in order to be successful.

The 2024 buyer’s guide explains how to prepare for the process, how to research your local market, how to choose the right type of mortgage loan, how to make a strong offer to the seller … and a lot more.

4. It’s reader-friendly and accessible.

Real estate transactions and mortgage loans can be highly complex. We know from experience that many first-time home buyers find it to be overwhelming.

This guide provides a cure for information overload. It’s written in a reader-friendly manner, simplifying complex topics into easily “digestible” chunks. It uses plain language and plenty of examples to help you absorb key points.

5. It’s always up-to-date and current.

The home buying process can change over time due to a variety of factors. As a result, “hard copy” handbooks tend to become out of date and less accurate over time.

We update our first-time home buyer guide quarterly (at least) to ensure that it offers accurate and relevant information. We also perform “spot updates” anytime a new policy, market change, or development occurs that might affect home buyers.

The bottom line: This is the most useful, informative, and reader-friendly home buying guide you’ll find anywhere. And it was created for first-time buyers just like you!