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Welcome to the Home Buying Institute (HBI), America's leading source for home-buying information and news. We have been educating buyers in the U.S. for 17 years, and it's a mission we take seriously.

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We publish new articles, tutorials and news reports weekly, to keep our readers informed. Here are some of our latest and most popular articles:

The Risks of Waiving Contingencies
With the highly competitive nature of the housing market, we've seen an increase in home buyers waiving their inspection and appraisal contingencies. There are pros and cons to this strategy. This article explains the risks of waiving contingencies.

Top 10 'Starter Home' Markets for Buyers
When it comes to buying a starter home, some real estate markets are more buyer-friendly than others. A report listed the best markets for buyers seeking a starter home in 2022. Birmingham, Cleveland and Pittsburgh topped the list.

Buying Above Your Pre-Approval Amount
Home buyers often consider homes that cost more than their mortgage pre-approval amount. You could purchase such a house, if you choose. But you'll probably have to make up the difference with your down payment. Here's more on that subject.

Our Story: Helping First-Time Buyers Since 2006

We have been publishing home-buying tips, tutorials and news since 2006. The Home Buying Institute began as an email newsletter service in the early 2000s, before launching this website in 2006. That's more than 17 years of trustworthy advice and guidance for buyers.

Today, HBI is one of the most frequently visited and widely cited websites catering to home buyers and mortgage shoppers in the U.S.

We have received literally thousands of questions over the years. As a result, we know what questions you might have, as a first-time home buyer. Our website is designed to answer those questions in a clear and helpful manner.

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